About Us

InoLife ,  develops and commercializes drug delivery devices, drug delivery technologies and products for the cure and care of our global customers.


InoLife’s leading product is a Needle-Free Injector currently commercialized under the brand of InoLife Inojex.  Prior to the acquisition of the Injex rights, this product was initially introduced by Equidyne Corporation and Injex Pharma with significant success.  However, several management issues, proxy fights and other important issues occurred which lead to the ultimate winding down of both companies.

We are now at a new chapter and both market convergence and commercialization opportunities are now more prevalent than ever.   A growing epidemic of Diabetes now reach over 44 million people in North-America and a total of 415 million worldwide in 2015 and estimated to grow to 642 million people by 2040.

Our Needle Free technology is ideal for the Diabetes market and it is also used for the cure and care of various markets such as Dental Anesthesia, Erectile Dysfunction, Vaccination, Cancer, Growth Hormone, Cosmetics, and Veterinary.

Innovation for Life